Leupold GX3i Rangefinder Review

Leupold GX3i Rangefinder Review

Built with a compact size and a solid construction, Leupold GX3i Rangefinder offers fast and way much accurate measurements which make it a great pick for golf players. This new generation rangefinder falls among the most valuable and long lasting Leupold tools in the market.

Whoever designed this was thoughtful of the end user’s actual requirements and therefore made sure the device interacts perfectly with both starters as well as the professionals. Its ease of use makes it a great partner on the course.

Leupold GX3i Rangefinder Review

The rangefinder features golf mode that allows you play with greater confidence and high level of accuracy on a misty morning or foggy evening. With this tool, your performance can never be compromised irrespective of bad background condition.

Features of a Leupold GX3i Rangefinder

One-Touch Scan Mode

This feature allows the rangefinder to provide accurate measurements with the ease of one-touch operation. Like most of the Leupold tools, this piece is so considerate to handle and operate. This makes it easier for golfers to obtain continuously updating measurements of the target from their plays.

Prism Lock Technology

Lock onto the flag with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy whenever you are using this gadget on the golf course. The prism lock technology allows you to maintain your intended target, which you easily acquire at a blink of an eye.

Weatherproof Design

You can use this gadget in any weather without compromise. This is to say, it is designed with a weatherproof construction to allow for use even in adverse weather conditions. This tool includes rainfall mode and fog mode to maintain its clear display in the rain as well as on a foggy day.

Built-In Battery Indicator

You also get to know how you use your power and therefore safe from unfortunate power outages. The built-in battery indicator gives the user early alert in case the power goes down to avoid interruptions in between usage.

DNA Technology

This technology is included to ensure vivid display of distant targets, which is very important in the case of golf players. Using this rangefinder puts golf players at the top of the league by simply ensuring consistency and accuracy in their performance.

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  • cons
  • In case you have shaky hands, this rangefinder won’t offer accurate results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My hands are a little shaky? Is this rangefinder perfect for people with shaky hands?

A: This is the best rangefinder that I have ever used. My hands are shaky too and it still works well.

Q: Can I use this rangefinder for hunting?

A: I purchased this product for my husband and he uses it for hunting. You can look for cheaper hunting rangefinders instead.

Q: Is this rangefinder legal for tournaments? Does it come with a case?

A: Yes, this digital rangefinder is legal for tournaments, and it comes with a case.

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Final Verdict

This Leupold GX3i should top your list if you are looking for an upgrade in the services offered by your rangefinder. It is generally faster and more accurate when compared to several brands and models in the current market.

This rangefinder is an added advantage to any golfer irrespective of the level of professionalism, since it is simple to operate and acquire accurate yardages with. It boasts a compact and solid construction that makes it more user-friendly.


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