Callaway 8396 X-Hot Golf Rangefinder Review

Callaway 8396 X-Hot Golf GPS/Rangefinder Review



User Friendly

Callaway 8396 X-Hot Golf GPS/Rangefinder is an exclusive tool designed with one press of a button operation and a vivid display provision even in the fog. This compact design of a golf equipment features top of class specifications that makes it a necessity for all golf players.

It is one of the best rangefinders in golf history with non slip grip design to provide total control during its usage. Being among the top rated equipments for tournaments and foursome golf plays, it has been customized to satisfy actual users and deliver dependable distance measurements.

Callaway 8396 X-Hot Golf GPS/Rangefinder Review

Most professionals and golf experts prefer this tool because of its ability to provide continuous target scanning for up to 8 seconds with just a single push of a button.

Features of the Callaway 8396 X-Hot Rangefinder

One Button Operation

Pressing on one button guarantees you accurate distancing of targets. It gets even better since the device measures the targets in succession for up to eight seconds. This easy operability and multiple target delivery make the rangefinder perfect for tournament plays.

New In-Round Case Design

The new design is intended to improve the usability and secure use of this rangefinder. With a construction that improves the interaction of the device with actual users. The in-round case design also includes a no slip grip enjoyed from a rubberized material that comprise of the finish.

Fog Proof Mode

The Callaway Golf GPS rangefinder is created to make obtaining target in a foggy or dusty atmosphere. It is more simple and quick. In this case, you cannot be interrupted in your measurements because of a foggy morning or unclear backgrounds with dim light and a lot of suspensions in the air.

Compact Design

The little and compact rangefinder is comfortable to handle and move around with. Despite the limited size, the clarity and precision of the readings offered by this GPS device are bigger than your imagination. It is therefore the best tool to use to get rid of the guesswork in your measurements.

Simple Twisting Action

Just make a simple twist on the eyepiece of this rangefinder for focusing diopter. That explains why most golf experts greatly recommend this tool for tournament plays. It is more powerful and efficient in every way.

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  • This GPS rangefinder is very accurate and quick in distance deliveries
  • Its compact design makes it a must have for golfers
  • The golf tool by Callaway is another weatherproof rangefinder in the market
  • It is as well very easy to operate and maintain
  • This product is designed with a no-slip grip for secure usability


  • Not reliable for long-term and regular use


Q: Will this rangefinder provide a reading on any object it can focus on?

A:This is a laser rangefinder, it does a perfect job for giving readings to the stump, trees, buildings and sand traps among other objects.

Q: I am looking for a battery replacement for my rangefinder, where do I get one?

A: You can easily get it online. Simply visit Callaway website for more help.

Q: Does the rangefinder come with a storage case?

A: No, it does not come with a storage case. It has a cover that covers everything apart from the lenses and the buttons.

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Features at a Glance

  • Capable of distancing targets in succession for up to 8 seconds by pressing just one buttonCompact
  • waterproof and fog proof
  • Focusing diopter by simple twisting action on the eyepiece
  • New in-round case design with rubberized no slip grip material
  • CR2 Lithium battery lasts approx. 10K ranging sessions

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a golf tool that delivers distances pretty fast with high level of accuracy, then this Callaway GPS rangefinder is what you should be looking for.Being a waterproof design with fog mode operation, you are able to determine any measurement with high precision despite any unfortunate weather adversities. The machine literally improves your golf performance and therefore should be among your most trusted equipment.


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