Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

Accuracy, precision and user friendliness are the major qualities you should look for in a laser rangefinder. Fortunately, that is exactly what you get from using Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder. It is designed to suit golfer’s requirements and find yardage with ease at an applaud-able speed.

If you are concerned about perfect results and dependability, this tour rangefinder will never let you down come rainfall or sunshine. It features second generation E.S.P and Pin seeker with JOLT technology to eliminate the doubts and confirm high level of precision.

Bushnell Tour X Review

It is furnished with a dual display technology for vivid visuals accompanied with a times-six magnification. Using this rangefinder makes flag location much easier than ever before.

Features of a Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Exchange Technology

This rangefinder has the ability to offer a double functionality to enhance your golf experience. This tour X model is exclusive, with the ability of giving you the chance to enjoy a Slope whenever you need it and exchange the performance to tournament legal when you want to. It is therefore, more convenient than most of the rest rangefinder in the current market.

2nd Generation E.S.P

Bushnell Tour X Review

This is what makes this rangefinder more reliable and exact in its results. The second generation E.S.P feature makes the Bushnell tool worth trusting in completely. It operates with the capacity to present the most accurate yardages ever. The best part is its fast delivery and effortless presentation of the exact distance and location of the flag.

Pin Seeker with Jolt Technology

Feel the JOLT and enjoy top of class yardage acquisition with this exemplary rangefinder. Just like the professionals, you get to experience the exact distance and take the hit with the confidence required. In combination with the vivid display technology, this machine doesn’t give room for doubts.

Dual Display Technology

You get to choose your display depending on the lighting conditions at the time of your usage or based on your preference. You can easily shift from bright red display to a crisp black display depending on what suits your needs as well as the situation.

6x Magnification

The magnification improves visibility from impossible distances and makes obtaining the flag an easy task as well as time efficient. You can always trust this Bushnell rangefinder for it delivers yardage more accurately and with the best clarity that you deserve.

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  • This ranger finder allows selecting the display of your preference
  • Offers magnification that is legal for golf tournament play
  • This piece comes with two-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • It pinpoints the distance on each shot you make
  • Improves your performance and makes golfing more enjoyable


  • Light touch focus knob is flimsy and can easily twist out of focus


Q: What are some of the features of this rangefinder? Does it come with a warranty?

A: The Bushnell tour has amazing features such as exchange technology, dual display technology, and pin seeker with jolt technology among others. It comes with a two year warranty.

Q: Is it possible to get distance to trees, traps and hazards?

A: Yes, this is a great rangefinder that enables you to measure the distance to anything.

Q: How accurate is this rangefinder?

A: I love my Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder, it provides accurate results and very easy to use.

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Final Verdict

Pick the display of your own preference or one ideal for the lighting condition with this Bushnell Tour X rangefinder, with an accurate display to 1/2 yard. This legal for tournament rangefinder is exactly what you want to have in your hands for every golf match you are attending.

The rangefinder includes an exchange technology, pin seeker with JOLT and a vivid display technology to improve your performance as well as the results. That is to say, you will enjoy the clearest result in any lighting condition.




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