Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder Review

Breaking 80 Laser Golf RangeFinder Review

Breaking 80 Laser Golf RangeFinder is a game changing device in the world of golf, featuring enhanced technologies that make it capable of obtaining the most accurate yardages without a struggle. Users get the opportunity of greatly improving their performances with this product.

Coming at the cheapest price in the market, this rangefinder includes a pretty long measurement range, with the ability to give you the exact edge you need from as far as 400 yards. The Breaking 80 is particularly created to give golfers better information of their targets.

Breaking 80 Laser Golf RangeFinder Review

With this exclusive rangefinder, you can take to the course like a professional with great confidence. That is your best chance of achieving your golf ambitions.

Advanced PinSensor Technology

Measure overlapping targets with the help of this revolutionary technology featured in the Breaking 80 rangefinder. For golfers who intend to improve their level of accuracy and avoid interferences caused by unclear backgrounds, this laser tool will work perfectly and help achieve greater precision.

IntelliScan Technology

This is included for easier pick up of distances of targets between trees or obscure grassy backgrounds. Meaning; using this laser rangefinder gives you an upper-hand to perform greatly in your plays, without having to worry about any interference or disappointment.

First Target Priority Mode

Once you have locked on to the target, this laser rangefinder maintains the measurement from your intended target without being disrupted by other images on the background. This is very useful to golfers, since it helps them obtain the flagstick easily at the speed of lightning.

Long Measurement Range

Breaking 80 Laser Golf RangeFinder Review

The Breaking 80 allows you to view images from far distances with great clarity and precision, thanks to its long measurement range. This enhanced technological boost makes it one of the best golf rangefinders in the market today. It enables golf players to pick up the flagstick from as far as 400 yards fast and clear.

High-Quality 6x Monocular

The gadget magnifies the target distance six times to allow you to view long range distances nearer and with more real appearances. The high quality monocular magnification allows you to feel the exact distance of the flag every time you are taking the shot.

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  • 6x magnification allows golfers to see the flag up to six times closer
  • This range finder is relatively cheaper than most peers in the current market
  • Anyone can use this device for a wide range of assignment, including golf
  • Better clarity and brightness of the images because of multilayered optics
  • This device is approved for use in tournaments


  • Compared to other rangefinders, this device has limited features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have problems changing the display from meters to yardage. Can somebody help me out?

A: You need to hold the mode button while looking through the rangefinder, the display automatically changes from meters to yardage.

Q: Does the product include a strap or a bag?

A: Yes, it comes with a sturdy pouch that fits the unit. The poach features clasp fastener and provisions for you to slide on to the belt.

Q: What are the dimensions of this rangefinder?

A: It is 4 inches long, 3 inches tall and 1-3/4 inches thick.

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Final Verdict

Featuring a dual operation mode and an extra long range, Breaking 80 Laser Golf Range Finder is one of the best tools a golfer should yearn for. It is designed to provide brighter and clearer images with its multilayered optics.

Breaking 80 Laser Review

Its advanced generation 3 pin-sensor operation eliminates wrong readings and maintains focus on your target for more precise and pinpoint readings. Being water-resistant as well, you can depend on the tool for reliable results even in the rain.


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